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Here`s a short example of kind of "brute-force-filmplanning", which I use:
- Storyboard aka shootingboard is being made quickly in comicbook-layout-style.
- then cut the pages into single pictures and copy / paste them into a movie-format
_ ( just distort them to fit in and fill in empty spaces in photoshop or the like )
- next load single pictures as a sequence into a videoedtior let`s say from Magix
_ then create voices, sound and timing over it and you get some rough animatic,
_ which you can use as base to promote, discuss, develop and finish your movie.

1. comicpages

2. picturesequence



And here you can download,
as kind of "e-book-like reading",
the pdf-files of the books 1 - 5 ,
in case you want to learn more
about our funny and illustrous
heroes and their strange story:

Or just read here online :

Marina Vonsee Bd 01

Marina Vonsee Bd 02

Marina Vonsee Bd 03

Marina Vonsee Bd 04

Marina Vonsee Bd 05

Marina Vonsee Bd 11

Marina Vonsee Bd 12

more testreading you can also get here:

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content.... comics.... workshop.... examples.... contact....

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