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Thanks to BoD ( German books on demand, ), I have the fantastic opportunity now, to publish the whole story as a comic
BEFORE finishing the movie, namely in it`s rough scribbled version, that also can offer a certain thrill of its own
in the very elaborate comicworld of today.
This way the kind reader is able to get some interesting insights into my partly "jazzlike" improvising working-style,
that develops the maincharacters along certain key-scenes in an sometimes almost selfevolving way .
Starting from some drawings, I allready made, when I was a little boy - inspired by Hergès famous black island
and my, at that time very vivid faszination for old dreadnoughts/Panzerkreuzer = battleships, step by step a more and more
sprawling saga took shape, of which the cycle „The Terror of the Southsea“ with it`s 24 books is just
the first part of a trilogy . . . .

content.... comics.... workshop.... examples.... contact....